In her New York City studio, Arlene teaches a ten-week master class and a series of weekend and evening seminars. Her seminars include Lighting On the Edge, Photographing at Night and in Low Light, and Mastering Your Flash ON Camera and Off. She also produces and leads international photography workshops, lectures at many locations around the world, offers private tutoring, and provides an array of consulting services to both private and corporate clients.

New York City Workshops

Cultivating the Photographic Instinct
This ten-week workshop explores the changing world of photography. Photographers are now multimedia artists capable of telling stories that incorporate still images, video, and sound. Using a variety of software programs, photographers can enhance and alter the content of their images. Using social media, blogs, and online galleries, photographers can expand the context in which their images are seen. Unlicensed appropriation of a photographer’s image is now widely practiced by the public and media professionals. We discuss today’s rapidly evolving photography scene and the many choices and dilemmas now facing photographers. Weekly classes alternate between gallery visits and in-class lectures.

Weekend and Evening Workshops

Lighting On The Edge, and Mastering Your Flash Unit On and Off Camera

In these intensive seminars, that concentrate on the Nikon, Canon and Sony wireless speedlite systems, each strobe menu item and use of the A, M, and TTL strobe modes are explained. Students learn how to balance the strobe to ambient light and how to use it as the main source of light. How to use light modifiers to shape light is also covered. Through hands-on demonstrations, students use the wireless multi-strobe setup to light a portrait both in the studio and on location. Students emerge confident in using their equipment and able to light in challenging situations.

Private Tutoring and Technical Consultation
Arlene tailors her support services to meet clients' goals. If you would like private tutoring, for example, she can provide the following:

     - How use your flash unit on camera and off camera in the wireless mode
     - All aspects of location lighting
     - How to set up and use digital cameras
     - How to master digital workflow using Bridge and Lightroom
     - How to organize your website and self promotion materials
     - How to select and sequence your photographs for an exhibition
     - Portfolio review, and editing and sequencing

Summer Workshops

Maine Media Workshops
The Personal Project: Developing Your Narrative
Mastering Flash On Camera and Off

Online Workshops

Study with me in a virtual classroom online at:
The Compelling Image
Photography in Low Light

International Photography and Mulitmedia Workshops

Arlene develops and leads prestigious small-group international workshops that provide unique travel adventures and high-quality photography education. These workshops are for the serious amateur with a working knowledge of his or her camera as well as for professional photographers. Typically spannning a 10- to 14-day period, each workshop provides an exciting immersion experience--immersion in both culture of the target destination and in acquiring new or sharpened photographic skills under widely divergent shooting conditions. Participants learn how to work effectively in foreign cultures, including how to interact with individuals who might not speak their language, and how to take dynamic photographs that tell a compelling story.

Upcoming Workshops
     - Poland May/June 2018
     - Rwanda & Uganda: The Mountain Gorillas Jan. 8 - 19, 2019
     - Colombia March 2019
     - Nagaland, India TBA
     - Nepal TBA

Future International Workshops
     - Sikkim, India
     - The Northern Lights, Norway
     - The Atacama Desert, Chile
     - Nicaragua
     - Nepal
     - Madagascar
     - Havana, Cuba

Once a year Arlene leads “The Personal Project: Creative Lighting, Style and Storytelling ”, a week-long intensive workshop in partnership with an international organization. The workshop focuses on creating an in-depth photo essay and having a multimedia workshop experience with multi-national participants at the host organization's foreign location.

For information about any of Arlene's workshops or to study with her privately, contact: studio[at]